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Abbvie wanted doctors to truly understand what it’s like to have uveitis, a disease that produces swelling and destroys eye tissue. This disease has varying degrees of severity from slightly reduced vision to severe vision loss.  The aim was to create a VR experience that would be viewable with a Google Cardboard that would mimic what a patient with uveitis goes through, so that it can be a tool for patient care, medical staff and the general public (including patient's loved ones, who could finally relate more to the difficulties someone with uveitis goes through). 


Backed by Abbvie's agency, IC Axon, and the tremendous research they provided, they teamed up with us, 5th Wall, acting as their creative and technical partner. We developed a virtual reality (VR) experience consisting of three different everyday scenarios that a patient with uveitis would experience.

The three scenarios were 1) simulating driving a car, 2) simulating sitting in a work meeting, and 3) simulating helping with your child’s homework. Within the three different scenarios, we overlaid different symptoms of uveitis such as floaters, hot spots, tunnel vision and blurry vision which allowed both the doctors and other stakeholders to better understand the impacts of the disease on patients' lives, and ensure that the correct diagnosis and medication were being prescribed to patients.


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