Espace Montmorency





Espace Montmorency is the new focal point of the city center of Laval, a suburb north of Montreal. The project was the largest of its kind in the city of Laval, and had the backing of Groupe Montoni, Claridge and FTQ, three incredible organizations with a track record of supporting large-scale projects. The objective was to utilize AR and VR to excite residents of the city and learn more about the exciting new characteristics of the impressive mega-structure. We allowed potential retailers, hotels, office tenants, and others to visualize the space and walk through it - completely changing the way real estate and development is promoted and sold.


The project has three main parts: 1) A full VR experience of the new mega-structure 2) an AR application that would allow users to go on site and see the size and enormity of the project utilizing their smartphone or tablet and 3) the use of AR for marketing collateral.


The development of the VR experience allowed users to navigate and walk through the future Espace Montmorency site, utilizing existing architectural plans and rendering assets as guides, thus allowing users (with the help of an HTC Vive) to not only walk through the future central courtyard of the structure, but to also teleport to different locations and levels to get unique perspectives of the project.


The augmented reality experience (AR) was a bold project made with the intention of showing the size and scope of the development project to any visitor to the site's construction area. In fact, during the AR project development, it became clear that this was going to be one of the largest AR projects ever projected, potentially even a world record.

Since the project was initially scheduled to be built over multiple years, it was important to give all stakeholders a visual indication of the beauty and dimensions of this impressive concept. The AR app, using similar architectural plans and rendering assets as guides, would use a large target image on site to trigger the experience.


Groupe Montoni had the vision to also disrupt how marketing material was being presented in the real estate industry. Traditionally reliant on mostly paper and video representations, Groupe Montoni looked to boldly incorporated augmented reality into their site maps, brochures and other material to have buildings literally 'pop up' from a page utilizing the Montoni AR App.


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