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Twitter AR




Twitter was looking to use Augmented Reality as a sponsorship tool with a few of their key clients. This was Twitter's first foray into Augmented Reality, and there was general excitement within the organization at the possibility of the technology. The first remit was to focus on the NBC show, The Voice, and look for an interesting way to engage fans and the celebrity mentors Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton.


5th Wall approached this with a concept to have the different judges use augmented reality (in a 'photobooth' type of interaction) to have avatars of themselves appear. They would 'load up' up using a target image of themselves alongside the contestants on the show they were mentoring, creating an enhanced effect whether it was of their faces or a musical instrument.

The project, which was the first time Twitter had combined AR and television gave fans 3D hashtags and custom stickers that could have been used on Vine and Twitter. Four emojis were unlocked with the following hashtags: #teamblake; #teamxtina; #teampharrell; and #teamadam.

The campaign was very successful for Twitter, and they extended the concept to shows like FX's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Archer,  Fargo and The Strain.

Twitter also received a lot of positive press for their leap into AR, which translated into a growing appetite to look at other ways to use AR for their sales and promotion efforts.



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