Manulife AR




Manulife Real Estate's challenge was to answer a simple question - how can they present their offerings in such a way that is unique to their company and can differentiate themselves in the marketplace? They needed to be connected to their client base and remain on top of their client's minds.

Why was this important? With an industry that is changing so quickly, it is paramount that their brokers across North America stay up-to-date with the ever-changing listings, details, rates and nuisances of every location. With tenants being pressed for time, they needed a product that helped reduce the sales cycle and helped reduce client displacement.


We created an interactive application that allowed users to view Manulife Real Estate and John Hancock Real Estate properties through either an immersive augmented reality experience or through transporting themselves on site through a virtual reality experience. This application includes AR 3D rendered buildings that allow users to get a photo-realistic facsimile of the properties' exterior characteristics, and 360° photo-realistic virtual tours of the interior spaces using a mobile iOS device - along with additional relevant information on every property.


We also conveniently provided Manulife staff, brokers and clients with information regarding to all of the relevant decision making variables when deciding on a real estate location (ex. nearby amenities, transportation facilities, landmarks, etc.).


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